DIY TRAVEL: 4D3N Coron, Palawan

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When we say beach, Palawan is always on top of our list. The powdery-white sand beaches, crystal clear waters, and abundance of marine life continue to render us speechless that we decided to visit it again. This is our second time in Coron, Palawan but its natural wonders still captivated us.

Behold! Here is our DIY travel 4D3N Coron for 2 pax with budget.


We arrived at Busuanga Airport from Manila at around 9AM and rode a van going to Coron Town. We stayed at Sea Dive Resort that we booked prior to our travel date through Travelok PH. Since we arrived earlier than our check-in time (2PM), we asked the hotel staff to take care of our belongings then we explored Coron town. It is much cheaper and convenient going around town using a motorcycle so we rented one for two days at Angel Motorcycle Rental.

View Tapyas.png
View from Mt. Tapyas. Amazing, right?

We rode around Coron town, stopping from time to time to take some snaps. At around 4PM we hiked Mt. Tapyas. You have to conquer 700+ steps to arrive at the top and witness the sunset. All eyes on the west as captivated tourists watched the sun set slowly, painting the sky orange.

We headed straight to Maquinit Hot Spring to relax our muscles. The feeling of warm waters enveloping your body as you look at the night sky, it’s reviving!

Day 1 Expenses:

  • Php 300 – Van from airport to Coron town (150 per pax)
  • Php 1,000 – Motorcycle rental for 2 days
  • Php 120 – Fuel
  • Php 400 – Entrance Fee Maquinit Hotspring (200 per pax)

Total = Php 1,700 for 2 pax (850 per pax)

Note: Food expenses not included.


This is the highlight of our Coron travel. We always wanted to go to Calauit Safari in Busuanga because of the Safari vibe and animals in the island. We left Coron town at 5AM going to Calauit Safari with our rented motorcycle. Calauit is approximately 80km away from Coron town so it definitely is a long ride. We arrived around 7:45AM and took a boat going to the island. We wasted no time in seeing the Safari Park and the animals and we enjoyed it very much. Activities include close encounter with giraffes and they even let you feed them, and a brief tour around the Safari. Zebras and Calamian deer roam freely, making it accessible for tourists to observe them in a close distance. Read my Calauit Safari blog entry for a more detailed travel and activities guide.

Giraffes at Calauit Safari waiting to be fed by visitors.

After Calauit Safari, we decided to take a side trip to Ocam-Ocam Beach before we head back to Coron town. The place is relaxing, giving us ample energy for a long ride again.

We arrived town at 3:00 PM, took a bite and rested a bit. We decided to indulge ourselves with the soothing waters of Maquinit hotspring again. We badly needed it after hours of motorcycle ride.

Day 2 Expenses:

  • Php 106 – motorcycle fuel
  • Php 400 – Calauit Safari Entrance Fee (200 per pax)
  • Php 500 – Boat Rental going to Calauit Safari Island
  • Php 40 – Ocam-Ocam Beach Entrance Fee (20 per pax)
  • Php 400 – Maquinit Hotspring Entrance Fee (200 per pax)

Total = Php 1,446 for 2 pax (723 per pax)

Note: Food expenses not included.


We haven’t arranged any Coron tours before our travel so when we were in Busuanga airport we gathered flyers offering tours as many as we can and chose the one that is cheaper. We decided to avail Tour A, any tour will do as long as Kayangan Lake is included. Tour A includes Siete Picados, Quin Lagoon, CYC Beach, Kayangan Lake and free lunch.

Inviting waters, who would say no?

We made some friends with people in the group tour and heard some of their interesting stories as well. Kayangan Lake is also one of our favorite destination, a must-experience by every tourist visiting Coron.

Day 3 Expenses:

Php 1800 – Coron Tour A (900 per pax)

Total – Php 1,800 (900 per pax)

Note: Food not included.


We booked for an early flight to Manila so we left Coron town at 6:00AM. The day before, we already arranged our transportation from Coron town to airport . You can coordinate with your hotel so that they will be the one to arrange it for you.

Day 4 Expenses:

Php 300 – Van from Coron to Airport (150 per pax)

Coron is a dear place to us. The first time we travelled there we were really amazed by its beauty and instantly fell in love. After three years we were back, Coron still captivated us.

Total expenses of our 4D3N DIY Coron travel for 2 pax:

Php 5,246 – total expenses for 4 days 3 nights (tours, transpo, entrance fee, fuel)
Php 900 – 4D3N hotel accomodation at Coron Sea Dive Resort booked via Traveloka Ph
Php 3,300 – RT Plane Ticket Manila-Busuanga-Manila via Cebu Pacific

TOTAL expenses for 2 pax – Php 9, 446

We booked our air fare and hotel accommodation months before our travel date. Please note that Food is not included. It is always your choice to eat cheap or eat lavishly.

Note: Your Coron experience may very well be different from ours. Mind sharing yours? Comment below!