The Lost Introvert PH

Hi! I’m Ginger, 96% introvert. A socially awkward person who is bad with directions, daydreams most of the time, and talks to plants.

I am very much happy in my room, drawing shoujo anime characters, until my palangga dragged me out and introduced me to the sea, the sun, the waterfalls, the caves, and the list goes on. I don’t really enjoy travelling at first, I mean, there are actual people out there who will talk to me! But the learning and the memories that come with it is what made me somehow like it.

Why do I like travelling again? It feeds my imagination. As I walk a foggy forest, I expect a pack of raptors to jump at me. I see caves as portals to the underworld. Every lake I went to, I would assume that a gigantic aquatic monster resides in its depts. You probably get the picture, no need to elaborate, it’s getting weirder.

I want to remember my travel experiences as much as possible so I decided to log them here. Do read my entries and see how an introvert lost herself to the beauty of this world.


Travelling is what keeps me to my sanity. ~ GLT