DIY TRAVEL: Tiliti Nuang Falls

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Surfing, beach parties, majestic falls – La Union is known to be a gratifying and convenient getaway. The province is famous for its waves and the imposing Tangadan falls, simply one of the favorite hangout of millenials. But did you know that La Union has a hidden destination not frequented by the crowd? Introducing the Tiliti Nuang Falls.

I don’t know about you but Tiliti Nuang Falls is my cup of tea. When we first went to Tangadan falls, our impression is that the place is quite crowded, knowing that it is a must destination of most who are visiting La Union. But when we went to Tiliti Nuang Falls, we have the place all to ourselves which we much preferred since we enjoy less crowded nature.


From San Juan, we were accompanied by a local guide and went to the drop off point in a tricycle and then later transfered to a “habal-habal” or the local term for off-road motorcycles. Since we have a local tour guide, he did most of the coordination and we simply just tag along.

After almost an hour, we arrived at the drop off point. I was not informed that there will be some trekking to do to get to the falls, maybe I was informed but my ever absent-minded self missed it (hah!).

The trek consists of an hour of walking through bamboo trails, streams and dense woods. We can actually tell that our destination is not frequented by many. You can miss the trail if you don’t look enough because of the thick grass and bushes. When I think about it now, it is actually kind of scary wandering around the mountains where you can easily get lost.


I’m kind of wondering if the exhausting trek is worth it. But when we arrived at last, oh boy, my introvert self rejoiced! I love everything about Tiliti Nuang Falls. First of all, we are the only human being in the vicinity (others may find it creepy but not me) and we can be silly and crazy and everything we wanted to be without worrying about disturbing other people.

Cascading waters of the falls.

The view is just too much for me to handle, and I can’t wait to take a dip on those waters while the lush green forest serves as your backdrop. During our visit, November, the falls had a decent amount of water.

We were all over the place, enjoying every spot of it. Of course, we snapped several photos before finally indulging into the inviting waters. The current is quite strong and the pools are deep that I don’t dare venture jumping in it (I haven’t taken swimming lessons back then. LOL).

Who wants a refreshing swim?

When hunger finally managed to get our attention we decided to eat our “baon” which consists of canned paella and crackers. We stayed there for a couple of hours more before we decided to call it a day and started trekking back to the drop off point. Mind you the way back is much exhausting since the trail is in an upward slope.


Here are some reminders worth noting if you are planning to see Tiliti Nuang Falls:

  • Bring your own food. There are no convenience store nearby, it is wise to prepare your food and bring it with you.
  • Rise early. Going there requires motorcycle ride and trekking so rise and start your adventure early.
  • The Trek. Steep slopes, slippery rocks, streams and jungle vibes. Be prepared.
  • Change of clothes. No restrooms or changing rooms nearby, well you can always try to change behind the thick trees and bushes if that will work for you.
  • Local tour guide. Here’s how to contact our reliable guide Kuya Christian 0948 360 3009. I don’t know if we can manage to go back on our own without him around.
Chillin’ in this paradise.


How much we spent?
Php 800 – Tour Guide Fee
Php 500 – Tricycle rent
Php 1200 (600 per pax) – Motorcycle or Habal-habal
TOTAL – 2500 for 2 pax

Thank you for checking out this blog post. Enjoy travelling and have a safe trip! Feel free to comment below for any questions or concerns.


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