SIDE TRIP: Ocam-Ocam Beach

Ocam-Ocam Beach Banner.png

The hype of Calauit Safari trip drained our energy. We decided to take some rest at a nearby beach before our long ride to Coron town. Signage along the road are posted, approximately 15 kilometers from Calauit, making it easy to locate this relaxing beach.

Ocam-ocam beach did not disappoint us. The beach is just the place we need. Serene, cozy atmosphere, and only a couple of travelers are present, probably looking for a place to rest just like us. It’s almost like the beach is exclusive for us, and our introvert souls rejoice!

Maybe the weariness and hunger is visible in our faces, a local woman offered to cook us lunch for 170 per pax. The meal consists of grilled fish and rice and we very much need of nutrition so we agreed.

Ocam-Ocam Beach 2.png
The beach all to myself! 😀

Ocam-Ocam offers golden-brown sandy shores lined with coconut trees. Locals depend mostly on fishing as their livelihood. There are no fancy resorts, only a couple of cottages and houses of the locals. Overnight stay for two is 500 pesos per cottage, you can also bring your own tent.

What to expect:

  • Peaceful beach, almost all to yourself (almost!). Perfect for those who wants to relax, away from the crowd.
  • Beach is sandy, golden-brown. Not recommended for those who are looking for powdery-white beaches.
  • Sea grass is abundant (at the time we went there, March).
  • Accommodation is limited. So bring your own tent or opt to stay in one of the few cottages.
  • Road from highway to Ocam-Ocam is rough and dusty but manageable.
  • Entrance fee is Php20.00
  • No fancy restaurants or shops. You can request locals to prepare a meal for you.
  • Locals are respectful and accommodating.

It may be brief, but we are very much satisfied with our stay in Ocam-Ocam. Recharged, we left for Coron town with another place dear in our hearts.

Note: Your Ocam-Ocam beach experience may very well be different from ours. Mind sharing yours?


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